Commit 65efd6bc authored by schneider's avatar schneider
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Merge branch 'display_multiline_fix' into 'master'

fix(gfx): Break line before char is printed

See merge request !149
parents d29f8f95 73876f4b
......@@ -86,17 +86,25 @@ void gfx_puts(
Color fg,
Color bg
) {
// iterate over the string
while (*str) {
gfx_putchar(font, r, x, y, *str, fg, bg);
x += font->Width;
if (x >= r->width) {
// if the current position plus the width of the next character
// would bring us outside of the display ...
if ((x + font->Width) > r->width) {
// ... we move down a line before printing the character
x = 0;
y += font->Height;
// if the line is outside the display we return
if (y >= r->height)
// now print the character
gfx_putchar(font, r, x, y, *str, fg, bg);
// move along on the x axis to get the position of the next character
x += font->Width;
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