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How To Build
If you just want to write MicroPython code for card10, you probably **won't**
need to build the firmware yourself. This page is for people who want to work
on the underlying firmware itself.
need to build the firmware yourself. This page is for people **who want to work
on the underlying firmware itself**.
......@@ -26,25 +26,45 @@ Dependencies
.. code-block:: shell-session
dnf install arm-none-eabi-gcc arm-none-eabi-binutils arm-none-eabi-newlib
- macOS (Note: The card10 firmware team used Linux so far. macOS recommendations here are experimental.)
You can use `Homebrew`_ to install the required tools.
The version of the Arm crosscompiler tool chain is quite important; with the wrong version, e.g. strip and/or ld might throw strange errors.
.. code-block:: shell-session
brew tap px4/px4
brew install px4/px4/gcc-arm-none-eabi-63
brew install coreutils
- Alternative: Download `ARM's GNU toolchain`_. **TODO**
.. _Homebrew:
* **python3**: For meson and various scripts needed for building.
* **meson** (>0.43.0) & **ninja**: Unfortunately most distros only have very old versions
of meson in their repositories. Instead, you'll probably save yourself a lot
of headaches by installing meson from *pip*.
- Ubuntu / Debian:
- Ubuntu / Debian:
.. code-block:: shell-session
apt install ninja-build
pip3 install --user meson
- Arch (has latest *meson* in the repos):
- Arch (has latest *meson* in the repos):
.. code-block:: shell-session
pacman -S meson
- macOS
.. code-block:: shell-session
brew install ninja
pip3 install --user meson # see - you will have to add ~/.local/bin to your PATH.
* **python3-crc16**: Install with ``pip3 install --user crc16``.
* **python3-pillow**: Python Image Library ``pip3 install --user pillow``.
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