Commit b9ebcd15 authored by Rahix's avatar Rahix
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fix(build_multi_image): Add size check for epicardium binary

The linker should already catch this case and error out early but just
to be absolutely sure, add a second check here so we don't get an
unexpectedly large epicardium binary which would overlap into pycardium

Signed-off-by: Rahix's avatarRahix <>
parent 65eb59b4
......@@ -6,6 +6,11 @@ BIN1="$2"
if [ "$(stat -c "%s" "${BIN1}")" -gt 458752 ]; then
echo "$0: ${BIN1} is too big to fit!" >&2
exit 1
objcopy -I binary -O binary --pad-to=458752 --gap-fill=255 "${BIN1}" "$BINOUT"
cat "$BIN2" >>"$BINOUT"
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