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Merge 'BLE from Linux'

See merge request card10/firmware!376
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......@@ -185,3 +185,31 @@ The light sensor characteristic makes it possible to read the current value of t
The range of this sensor is between 0 (``0x0``) and 400 (``0x9001``).
- reading of ``0x0e00`` means **14**
Access via btgatt-client
Accessing services from a linux system is possible via ``btgatt-client``. The inbuilt gatt client of ``bluetoothctl`` as well as ``libgatt`` were tested, but struggled with the card10's BLE stack.
.. code-block::
# pairing the card10:
$ bluetoothctl
[bluetooth]# power on
[bluetooth]# scan on
[bluetooth]# pair CA:4D:10:xx:xx:xx #replace xx:xx:xx with scan result
# if this query doesn't appear, remove and re-pair:
[agent] Confirm passkey ###### (yes/no): [CHG] Device CA:4D:10:xx:xx:xx Name: card10
[card10-xxxxxx]# disconnect CA:4D:10:xx:xx:xx
# using a service:
$ btgatt-client -d CA:4D:10:xx:xx:xx
# wait until services have been discovered, may take a minute
[GATT client]# write-value 0x0926 31 31 31
# if this error appears remove and re-pair:
[GATT client]# Device disconnected: Software caused connection abort
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