Commit c7802eea authored by schneider's avatar schneider
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fix(config): Clarify what happens when the buffer is too small

parent 0bd98191
......@@ -1958,7 +1958,11 @@ API(API_CONFIG_GET_INTEGER, int epic_config_get_integer(const char *key, int *va
API(API_CONFIG_GET_BOOLEAN, int epic_config_get_boolean(const char *key, bool *value));
* Read a string from the configuration file
* Read a string from the configuration file.
* If the buffer supplied is too small for the config option,
* no error is reported and the first `buf_len - 1` characters
* are returned (0 terminated).
* :param char* key: Name of the option to read
* :param char* buf: Place to read the string into
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