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......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ Last but not least, if you want to start hacking the lower-level firmware, the
.. toctree::
``utime`` - Time
The ``utime`` module loosely follows CPython's |time|_ module, but is heavily
stripped down. Instead, it has a few time related functions which are not in
CPython but wouldn't fit anywhere else in our implementation. Most
prominently, this is the :py:func:`utime.alarm` function for setting an RTC
.. |time| replace:: ``time``
.. _time:
.. py:function:: utime.sleep(secs)
Sleep for ``secs`` seconds. Can take a floating-point value.
.. py:function:: utime.sleep_ms(msecs)
Sleep for ``msecs`` milliseconds. Only takes integer values.
.. py:function:: utime.sleep_us(usecs)
Sleep for ``usecs`` microseconds. Only takes integer values.
.. py:function:: utime.time()
Return the current timestamp in seconds since 2000-01-01
.. py:function:: utime.localtime([secs])
Return the current time as a timestruct tuple. If ``secs`` is given, return
its timestruct tuple instead. Timestruct tuple looks like:
.. code-block:: python
(year, month, mday, hour, min, sec, wday, yday)
# 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
.. py:function:: utime.mktime(t)
Convert timestruct tuple into a seconds time stamp. See
:py:func:`utime.localtime` for details about timestruct tuples.
:returns: Seconds since 2000-01-01
.. py:function:: utime.alarm(secs, [callback])
Register the next RTC alarm for the timestamp ``secs``. ``secs`` is seconds
since 2000-01-01.
If an optional ``callback`` is given, it will be registered for the RTC
alarm interrupt. This will overwrite any previous interrupt handler. If
``callback`` is given, :c:func:`utime.alarm` will also enable the RTC alarm
.. code-block:: python
import utime
def minute_timer(x):
current = utime.time()
print("Current: " + str(current))
alarm = (current // 60 + 1) * 60
utime.alarm(alarm, minute_timer)
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