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......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ Last but not least, if you want to start hacking the lower-level firmware, the
:caption: Pycardium
.. py:module:: buttons
``buttons`` - Push Buttons
The :py:mod:`buttons` module allows you to use card10's push buttons as input
in your scripts.
.. code-block:: python
import buttons
print("Press bottom left or right button:")
while True:
pressed =
buttons.BOTTOM_LEFT | buttons.BOTTOM_RIGHT
if pressed != 0:
if pressed & buttons.BOTTOM_LEFT != 0:
print("Left button pressed!")
if pressed & buttons.BOTTOM_RIGHT != 0:
print("Right button pressed!")
.. py:function::
Read button status.
:param int mask: Mask of buttons to check. Create the mask by ORing
:py:data:`buttons.BOTTOM_LEFT`, :py:data:`buttons.BOTTOM_RIGHT`,
:py:data:`buttons.TOP_RIGHT`, and :py:data:`buttons.TOP_LEFT` (=
:returns: An integer with the bits for pressed buttons set. Use the same
costants as for the mask to check which buttons were pressed.
.. py:data:: buttons.BOTTOM_LEFT
Bottom left button.
.. py:data:: buttons.BOTTOM_RIGHT
Bottom right button.
.. py:data:: buttons.TOP_RIGHT
Top right button.
.. py:data:: buttons.TOP_LEFT
Top left button (Reset button).
.. py:data:: buttons.RESET
Top left button (Reset button).
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