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# if this error appears remove and re-pair:
[GATT client]# Device disconnected: Software caused connection abort
ARM Cordio Sources
The BLE stack is based on the ARM Cordio stack. This stack has been developed by a 3rd party and was bought by ARM and open-sourced.
There are many copies of it floating around on the Internet and some are more up to date than others. To keep track here is a list:
- mbed
- mbed has a reasonably up to date version of the stack in their GitHub repository.
- It is scattered below the CORDIO directories in
- ble-profiles are not included. mbed has written their own adaptation layer to interface with the stack and implements profiles in C++
- Ambiq Suite SDK
- Can be found here:
- Patches on top might be here:
- Reasonably up to date
- Intersting part: has their own FreeRTOS integration (but apparently on older WSF)
- BLE 5.1 (?)
- Packetcraft
- Apparently tasked with maintaining the stack in general
- Most up to date version
- Apparently developing (security) fixes, distributing them to customers, but not applying them to master:
- BLE 5.1
- Maxim
- Distributed via Maxim Toolchain Installation tool, no repository available
- Contains software implementation of the base band
- ble-host and ble-profiles might be compatible with the one directly from Packetcraft
- Developing their own low-power enhancements
- BLE 5.0
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