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Merge 'Always use SWD'

See merge request card10/firmware!288
parents d2f0f229 3f4677f8
......@@ -115,6 +115,12 @@ command to soft-reset card10.
.. note::
You will also find the following self-describing gdb files in the firmware
root directory, which do not require additional arguments:
``flash-all.gdb, flash-bootloader.gdb,
flash-both.gdb, flash-epicardium.gdb, flash-pycardium.gdb``
.. warning::
If you are used to use ``mon reset halt``, be aware that the card10 prototypes
do not connect the reset line to the debugger. OpenOCD is configured to only do
# Maxim Integrated MAX32665 OpenOCD target configuration file
# selecting transport method, to prevenet auto-selecting something else
transport select swd
# Set the reset pin configuration
reset_config none
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