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chore: Update CHANGELOG

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......@@ -16,18 +16,28 @@ The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
- **pycardium**: Support for RAW REPL mode.
- **bhi160**: Function to disable all sensors (`bhi160.disable_all_sensors()`).
- `ls_cmsis_dap`: A tool to enumerate CMSIS-DAP debuggers.
- Tons of new features to `simple_menu`: Timeout, scrolling of long texts,
robustness against crashes, and proper exiting.
- `card10.cfg` config file which allows enabling *ELF* files.
- Analog read for wristband GPIOs.
### Changed
- Refactored *menu* and *personal-state* apps.
- `` was moved into an app to allow easier reconfiguration of the
default app. The new `` points to the "old" one so behavior is not
- After a timeout, the menu will close and `` will run again.
- BLE security updates.
- More detailed battery state display in nickname app.
- Improved ECG app.
### Removed
- Some unused font files.
### Fixed
- Fixed a regression which made the ECG app no longer work.
- Fixed card10 advertising support for AT-commands.
- Rectangles being one pixel too small.
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