Commit 0ede5c64 authored by G's avatar G
Browse files, converts ecg log files to wav files

parent eed9ffda
# vim: set ts=4 sw=4 tw=0 et pm=:
import numpy
import wave
import sys
import struct
def read(file_name):
signal = numpy.fromfile(file_name, dtype=numpy.int16)
return signal
signal = read(sys.argv[1])
sampleRate = 128.0 # hertz
duration = len(signal) / sampleRate # seconds
wavef ='out.wav','w')
wavef.setnchannels(1) # mono
for i in range(int(duration * sampleRate)):
value = int(signal[i])
data = struct.pack('<h', value)
wavef.writeframesraw( data )
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