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    feat(rtc): Add monotonic clock · f1251d66
    Ferdinand Bachmann authored and Rahix's avatar Rahix committed
    Squashed commits:
    e94f7bf9 epicardium/rtc: add monotonic time
    e0691c6d pycardium/modules/utime.c: add bindings for monotonic time
    756c13df epicardium/rtc: fix numerically unstable subsecond decoding
             the subsecond encoding function from epic_rtc_set_milliseconds
             and the corresponding decoding function from
             epic_rtc_get_milliseconds are not numerically stable.
             i.e., encoding 5 milliseconds to 20 subsecs and immediately
             afterwards decoding that yields 4 milliseconds.
             Adding a bias of 999 (0.24 milliseconds) to the decoding
             function makes it numerically stable, while never decoding any
             subsecond value to more than 999 milliseconds.
    e99e278b epicardium/rtc: only poll time once for calculating monotonic_offset
    18936b7e pycardium/modules/utime.c: run clang-format
    869ac617 epicardium/rtc: add explanation comment for numerically stable subsecond decode