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The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
## [Unreleased]
### Added
- ECG plotter tool (for desktop machines) which can plot ECG logs taken with card10.
- The `input()` Python function.
- Enabled the MicroPython `framebuf` module for a Pycardium-only framebuffer
- Added the `utime.ticks_us()` and `utime.ticks_ms()` functions for very
accurate timing of MicroPython code.
- Added an option to use the right buttons for scrolling and the left one for
selecting. This will be made configurable in a future release.
### Changed
- Changed timezone to CET. A future release will make the timezone entirely
- Made a few library functions callable without any parameters so they are
easier to use.
### Fixed
- Fixed the Pycardium delay implementation in preparation for features like
button-interrupts. Should also be more accurate now.
- Fixed the filter which is used by the ECG app.
- Fixed the display staying off while printing the sleep-messages.
- Improved the USB-Storage mode in the menu app.
- Fixed GPIO module not properly configuring a pin if both IN and ADC are given.
- Added missing documentation for `os.mkdir()` and `os.rename()`.
### Removed
- Removed unnecessary out-of-bounds checks in display module. Drawing outside
the display is now perfectly fine and the pixels will silently be ignored.
## [v1.12] - 2019-10-19 - [Leek]
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