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    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32 : Fixed memory byte access · 827057f5
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      Function mips_m4k_write_memory() does endianess byte swap,
      but this procedure break one byte access (temporary array
      overwrites content in buffer).
      As a fix, this endianess swap and buffer affecting
      is preformed only on hword and word accesses (not on byte access).
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32: Sync Caches to Make Instr Writes Effective · c18e0238
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      Pprogram that loads another program into memory is actually writing the
      D- side cache.
      The instructions it has loaded can't be executed until they reach the
      After the instructions have been written, the loader should arrange to
      write back any containing D-cache line and invalidate any locations
      already in the I-cache.
      For the MIPS Architecture Release2 cores, we can use synci command
      that does this job.
      For Release1 we must use "cache" instruction.
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32: Added CP0 coprocessor R/W routines · 1be71634
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      This patch adds MIPS32 CP0 coprocessor R/W routines,
      as well as adequate commands to use these routines via
      telnet interface.
      Now is becomes possible to affect CP0 internal registers
      and configure CPU directly from OpenOCD.
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips_m4k: common_magic should be unsigned · 800bc930
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      For all architectures we use distinct common magic number,
      and this should be a uint32_t type.
      Otherwise, comparison with macros will yield compilation
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32: Removed Unnecessary JTAG Queue Flush · e1466df5
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      jtag_execute_queue() is executed as a part of mips_ejtag_drscan_32().
      No need for this to be done before - removed for optimisation.
    • Rodrigo L. Rosa's avatar
      fix tapenabler return code · 194e3c5b
      Rodrigo L. Rosa authored
      if tap enable/disable failed then a warning was written to the log, but JIM_OK was returned. if using openocd via a TCP interface to the TCL port, there is no way to catch that the command failed (it didn't enable the tap, so it failed)
      now it return an error if it fails.
    • Rodrigo L. Rosa's avatar
      fix return error msj · d1a16ce9
      Rodrigo L. Rosa authored
      retval was not correctly propagated
    • Andreas Bießmann's avatar
      flash/nor/cfi: fix TopBottom for atmel chips · 6e5c37be
      Andreas Bießmann authored
      There are some older atmel nor chips which have negated logic for
      TopBottom detection. This patch adds a special handling for the old
      chips. This is the same mechanism as implemented in linux kernel.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndreas Bießmann <andreas.devel@gmail.com>
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      Revert "dsp5680xx: disable for now, it generates warnings" · 7d2bf880
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      This reverts commit d567df02.
    • Rodrigo L. Rosa's avatar
      dsp5680xx fix constante ref · c2c19c50
      Rodrigo L. Rosa authored
      a counter was incorrectly set
      when i added the macros i incorrectly called them.
      fixed that.
    • Rodrigo L. Rosa's avatar
      dsp5680xx fix FM clk · e8543de8
      Rodrigo L. Rosa authored
      before doing anything with the flash module (FM) the clock divider must be set.
      if erase_check was the first thing done with the FM after reset then an error would be generated because the clk divider was not set.
      now erase_check sets the clk divider.
    • Rodrigo L. Rosa's avatar
      dps5680xx fix warnings · ba68ae8b
      Rodrigo L. Rosa authored
      reorganized code to get rid of compiler warnings
      the warning were related to allignment, i do not get these warning on my build system (i've tried setting the compiler flag but it doesn't work, still working on why) so i cannot detect them (yet.)
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