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    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32 : Fixed memory byte access · 827057f5
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      Function mips_m4k_write_memory() does endianess byte swap,
      but this procedure break one byte access (temporary array
      overwrites content in buffer).
      As a fix, this endianess swap and buffer affecting
      is preformed only on hword and word accesses (not on byte access).
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32: Sync Caches to Make Instr Writes Effective · c18e0238
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      Pprogram that loads another program into memory is actually writing the
      D- side cache.
      The instructions it has loaded can't be executed until they reach the
      After the instructions have been written, the loader should arrange to
      write back any containing D-cache line and invalidate any locations
      already in the I-cache.
      For the MIPS Architecture Release2 cores, we can use synci command
      that does this job.
      For Release1 we must use "cache" instruction.
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32: Added CP0 coprocessor R/W routines · 1be71634
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      This patch adds MIPS32 CP0 coprocessor R/W routines,
      as well as adequate commands to use these routines via
      telnet interface.
      Now is becomes possible to affect CP0 internal registers
      and configure CPU directly from OpenOCD.
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips_m4k: common_magic should be unsigned · 800bc930
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      For all architectures we use distinct common magic number,
      and this should be a uint32_t type.
      Otherwise, comparison with macros will yield compilation
    • Drasko DRASKOVIC's avatar
      mips32: Removed Unnecessary JTAG Queue Flush · e1466df5
      Drasko DRASKOVIC authored
      jtag_execute_queue() is executed as a part of mips_ejtag_drscan_32().
      No need for this to be done before - removed for optimisation.