1. 28 Nov, 2009 6 commits
  2. 27 Nov, 2009 11 commits
  3. 26 Nov, 2009 13 commits
  4. 25 Nov, 2009 10 commits
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      update NEWS with recent developments · 49036463
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Mention changes to flash bank command syntax, 'nand verify' command,
      command error handling and reporting, and help/usage command upgrades.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      use ARRAY_SIZE macro · 4946925b
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Search and destroy lingering cases where the ARRAY_SIZE macro should
      be used to convey more intrinsic meaning in the OpenOCD code.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      support OPENOCD_DEBUG_LEVEL environment setting · a3d81eed
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Detect the OPENOCD_DEBUG_LEVEL setting in log_init(), allowing the
      very early startup phases to be debugged.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      log: improve initialization · be482a53
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Removes redundant assignment of start_ms from log_register_commands().
      Eliminates command_context parameter and return value.
      Adds Doxygen comment block for this API call.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      update command handler documentation · ed90b665
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Adds sections on command registration and chaining, giving an overview
      to developers that want to use these features.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      add 'testee' target type · 9d4c89f3
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Alliteration aside, this should provide the final piece of the puzzle
      for developers that want to get started writing a new target type.
      In this way, it also seeks to complement the 'dummy' interface driver
      and 'faux' NOR flash driver.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      improve command handling examples · a93b4041
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Removes hello and foo commands from top-level registration.  Instead,
      the dummy interface driver and faux flash driver have been augmented
      to register these commands as sub-commands.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      add script_command_run helper · d89c6310
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Eliminates duplicated code in script_command and handle_unknown_command.
      Fixes bug with duplicated help output generated by placeholder commands.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      encapsulate and re-use log capture, retval setup · 9e5d8a94
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Factors log capture while running script commands, eliminating
      duplicated code between script_command and jim_capture.  Factors
      setting a command's Jim "retval" into a new helper as well.
      Using these new helpers in the new unknown command handler's
      fixes possible regressions caused by these bits being missing.
    • Zachary T Welch's avatar
      combine help and usage command handlers · 910bb250
      Zachary T Welch authored
      Remove duplicated handler code by checking the running command name.