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    • Marc Schink's avatar
      jlink: Retrieve maximum speed from device. · 4b608d7f
      Marc Schink authored
      If supported, the maximum transport speed is now retrieved from the
      Change-Id: I614f405ec91cf199c851781785fd26cbd10c37a6
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc Schink <openocd-dev@marcschink.de>
      Reviewed-on: http://openocd.zylin.com/2955
      Tested-by: jenkins
      Reviewed-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <spen@spen-soft.co.uk>
    • Marc Schink's avatar
      Improve J-Link driver and introduce libjaylink. · 442f1540
      Marc Schink authored
      This patch uses libjaylink which is a library to access J-Link
      devices. As other tools which are not in the scope of OpenOCD also
      need to access J-Link devices a library is used. A firmware upgrade
      tool and an advanced configuration tool for J-Link devices are under
      Further versions of libjaylink will support additional features
      OpenOCD could benefit from. This includes TCP/IP as additional
      possibility to connect to J-Link devices as well as power tracing and
      device internal communication. The latter is used to access
      peripherals on some development boards (e.g EFM32 STK and DVK).
      Integration of libjaylink is realized with a git submodule like
      jimtcl. As libjaylink depends on libusb-1.0 only, no additional
      dependency is introduced for OpenOCD.
      All low-level JTAG and SWD implementations of the current driver are
      left untouched and therefore no incompabilities are to be expected.
      Improvements of this patch:
       * Support for more USB Product IDs, including those with the new
         scheme (0x10xx). The corresponding udev rules are also updated.
       * Device selection with serial number and USB address.
       * Adaptive clocking is now correctly implemented and only usable for
         devices with the corresponding capability.
       * The target power supply can now be switched without the need for
         changing configuration and power cycling the device.
       * Device configuration is more restrictive and only allowed if the
         required capabilities are available.
       * Device configuration now shows the changes between the current
         configuration of the device and the values that will be applied.
       * Device configuration is verified after it is written to the device
         exactly as the vendor software does.
       * Connection registration is now handled properly and checks if the
         maximum number of connections on a device is reached. This is also
         necessary for devices which are attached via USB to OpenOCD as
         some device models also support connections on TCP/IP.
       * Serial Wire Output (SWO) can now be captured. This feature is not
         documented by SEGGER however it is completely supported by
      This patch and libjaylink were tested on Ubuntu 14.04 (i386),
      Debian 7 (amd64), FreeBSD 10.0 (amd64) and Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
      with the following device and target configurations:
       * JTAG: J-Link v8.0, v9.0 and v9.3 with AT91SAM7S256
       * SWD: SiLabs EFM32 STK 3700 (EFM32GG990F1024)
       * SWD: J-Link v8.0, v9.0 and v9.3 with EFM32GG990F1024
       * SWD: XMC 2Go (XMC1100)
       * SWD: XMC1100 Boot Kit (XMC1100)
       * SWD: IAR Systems / Olimex Eval Board (LPC1343F)
       * SWD: Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 Dongle (nRF51422)
       * SWD: SiLabs EZR32 WSTK 6220A (EZR32WG330FG60G)
      Except for Windows XP all builds are tested with Clang in addition to
      GCC. This patch and libjaylink are not tested on OSX yet.
      Change-Id: I8476c57d37c6091c4b892b183da682c548ca1786
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc Schink <openocd-dev@marcschink.de>
      Reviewed-on: http://openocd.zylin.com/2598
      Tested-by: jenkins
      Reviewed-by: default avatarAndreas Färber <afaerber@suse.de>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarPaul Fertser <fercerpav@gmail.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarFreddie Chopin <freddie.chopin@gmail.com>
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