1. 25 Mar, 2010 4 commits
  2. 24 Mar, 2010 3 commits
  3. 22 Mar, 2010 4 commits
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      zy1000: fix optimisaion bug in dcc writes · 721502f1
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      Introduced & corrected since 0.4.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
    • Mike Dunn's avatar
      fix software breakpoints on xscale · 4be9eded
      Mike Dunn authored
      This patch fixes xscale software breakpoints by cleaning the dcache and
      invalidating the icache after the bkpt instruction is inserted or removed.  The
      icache operation is necessary in order to flush the fetch buffers, even if the
      icache is disabled (see section 4.2.7 of the xscale core developer's manual).
      The dcache is presumed to be enabled; no harm done if not.  The dcache is also
      invalidated after cleaning in order to safeguard against a future load of
      invalid data, in the event that cache_clean_address points to memory that is
      valid and in use.
      Also corrected a confusing typo I noticed in a comment.
      TODO (or not TODO...?): the xscale's 2K "mini dcache" is not cleaned.  This
      cache is not used unless the 'X' bit in the page table entry is set.  This is a
      proprietary xscale extension to the ARM architecture.  If a target's OS or
      executive makes use of this for memory regions holding code, the breakpoint
      problem will persist.  Flushing the mini dcache requires that 2K of valid
      cacheable memory (mapped with 'X' bit set) be designated by the user for this
      purpose.  The debug handler that gets downloaded to the target will also need to
      be extended.
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      bitq: fix warning now that out_value is const · ccfaed8b
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      This was an easy one. Just add the missing "const" to a
      local variable definition.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
    • David Brownell's avatar
      ft2232 init mess cleanup · c2f714bd
      David Brownell authored
      In the ft2232 driver, initialization for many layouts punts to a routine
      called usbjtag_init(), instead of a routine specific to each layout.
      That routine is  a mess  built around a "what type layout am I" core.
      That's a bad design ... in this case, especially so, since it bypasses
      the layout-specific dispatch which was just done, and obfuscates the
      initialization which is at least somewhat generic, instead of being
      specific to the "usbjtag" layout.
      Split and document out the generic parts of usbjtag_init(), and make
      the rest of those layouts have layout-specific init methods.  Also,
      rename usbjtag_reset() ... that also was not specific to the "usbjtag"
      layout, and thus contributed to the previous code structure confusion.
      (Eventually, all layout-specific code (and method tables) should probably
      live in files specific to each layout.  These changes will facilitate
      those and other cleanups to this driver.)
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <dbrownell@users.sourceforge.net>
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  5. 20 Mar, 2010 1 commit
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  7. 18 Mar, 2010 10 commits
  8. 17 Mar, 2010 7 commits
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      mips: fix warning · 0529431f
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      gdb: long running "monitor mww" now works w/gdb · cc197c80
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      invoke keep_alive() to make sure that the default 2000ms
      timeout does not trigger.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      target: faster mww operations · bf71e34c
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
    • Øyvind Harboe's avatar
      target: mdX/mwX on target were badly broken · 099ffc75
      Øyvind Harboe authored
      - incorrect parsing of arguments
      - mdX didn't display arguments correctly
      I don't think anyone ever used that code path :-)
      Did you know that "target mdw" and mdw are very different?
      for {set i 0} {$i < 256} {set i [expr $i+1]} {mwb [expr 0x2000000+$i] $i}
       mdw 0x2000000 0x10
      0x02000000: 03020100 07060504 0b0a0908 0f0e0d0c 13121110 17161514 1b1a1918 1f1e1d1c
      0x02000020: 23222120 27262524 2b2a2928 2f2e2d2c 33323130 37363534 3b3a3938 3f3e3d3c
      > zy1000.cpu mdb 0x2000000 0x20
      0x02000000 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0a 0b 0c 0d 0e 0f ................
      0x02000010 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f ................
      > zy1000.cpu mdh 0x2000000 0x20
      0x02000000 0100 0302 0504 0706 0908 0b0a 0d0c 0f0e ................
      0x02000010 1110 1312 1514 1716 1918 1b1a 1d1c 1f1e ................
      0x02000020 2120 2322 2524 2726 2928 2b2a 2d2c 2f2e  !"#$%&'()*+,-./
      0x02000030 3130 3332 3534 3736 3938 3b3a 3d3c 3f3e 0123456789:;<=>?
      > zy1000.cpu mdw 0x2000000 0x20
      0x02000000 03020100 07060504 0b0a0908 0f0e0d0c ................
      0x02000010 13121110 17161514 1b1a1918 1f1e1d1c ................
      0x02000020 23222120 27262524 2b2a2928 2f2e2d2c  !"#$%&'()*+,-./
      0x02000030 33323130 37363534 3b3a3938 3f3e3d3c 0123456789:;<=>?
      0x02000040 43424140 47464544 4b4a4948 4f4e4d4c @ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO
      0x02000050 53525150 57565554 5b5a5958 5f5e5d5c PQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_
      0x02000060 63626160 67666564 6b6a6968 6f6e6d6c `abcdefghijklmno
      0x02000070 73727170 77767574 7b7a7978 7f7e7d7c pqrstuvwxyz{|}~.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
    • Spencer Oliver's avatar
      SCRIPT: add add_script_search_dir cmd · 3ad171cd
      Spencer Oliver authored
      Add a add_script_search_dir cmd so that adding search
      dir's can be added to cfg scripts.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <ntfreak@users.sourceforge.net>
    • Spencer Oliver's avatar
      PIC32: add software reset support · e7e9bfde
      Spencer Oliver authored
      The PIC32MX does not support the ejtag software reset - it is
      optional in the ejtag spec.
      We perform the equivalent using the microchip specific MTAP cmd's.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <ntfreak@users.sourceforge.net>
    • Spencer Oliver's avatar
      MIPS: remove ejtag_srst variant · 79ca05b1
      Spencer Oliver authored
      The mips_m4k_assert_reset has now been restructured
      so the variant ejtag_srst is not required anymore.
      The ejtag software reset will be used if the target does not
      have srst connected.
      Remove ejtag_srst from docs.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <ntfreak@users.sourceforge.net>