Commit f90ee7fd authored by schneider's avatar schneider
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hack(max32xxx): Make address relative to flash bank

parent e71ac88c
......@@ -389,7 +389,10 @@ static int max32xxx_write_block(struct flash_bank *bank, const uint8_t *buffer,
uint32_t buffer_size = 16384;
struct working_area *source;
struct working_area *write_algorithm;
uint32_t address = bank->base + offset;
//uint32_t address = bank->base + offset;
// XXX: Hack to get the second flash bank on the MAX32666 working. Not sure if this also
// works for other devices.
uint32_t address = offset;
struct reg_param reg_params[5];
struct mem_param mem_param[2];
struct armv7m_algorithm armv7m_info;
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