Commit f899c2aa authored by Spencer Oliver's avatar Spencer Oliver
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str730.cfg: fix incorrect mem regions

 - update str73x mem regions to correct values.

Signed-off-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <>
parent 885a2f5b
......@@ -46,9 +46,9 @@ $_TARGETNAME configure -event gdb-flash-erase-start {
flash protect 0 0 7 off
$_TARGETNAME configure -work-area-phys 0x40000000 -work-area-size 0x4000 -work-area-backup 0
$_TARGETNAME configure -work-area-phys 0xA0000000 -work-area-size 0x4000 -work-area-backup 0
#flash bank <driver> <base> <size> <chip_width> <bus_width>
flash bank $_FLASHNAME str7x 0x20000000 0x00040000 0 0 $_TARGETNAME STR3x
flash bank $_FLASHNAME str7x 0x80000000 0x00040000 0 0 $_TARGETNAME STR3x
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