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- update docs for new target_script events

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......@@ -562,9 +562,11 @@ unavailable for some time during startup (like the STR7 series), you can't use
@item @b{target_script} <@var{target#}> <@var{event}> <@var{script_file}>
@cindex target_script
Event is either @option{reset}, @option{post_halt}, @option{pre_resume} or @option{gdb_program_config}
Event is one of the following:
@option{pre_reset}, @option{reset}, @option{post_reset}, @option{post_halt},
@option{pre_resume} or @option{gdb_program_config}.
@option{post_reset} and @option{reset} will produce the same results.
TODO: describe exact semantic of events
@item @b{run_and_halt_time} <@var{target#}> <@var{time_in_ms}>
@cindex run_and_halt_time
The amount of time the debugger should wait after releasing reset before it asserts
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