Commit efcea830 authored by Aaron Carroll's avatar Aaron Carroll Committed by Øyvind Harboe
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cortex_m3: allow scripts to override reset

If a handler for the reset-assert event it present, skip the usual reset
handling.  This is needed, for example, for board-level resets.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAaron Carroll <>
parent 859ccccd
......@@ -927,6 +927,16 @@ static int cortex_m3_assert_reset(struct target *target)
enum reset_types jtag_reset_config = jtag_get_reset_config();
if (target_has_event_action(target, TARGET_EVENT_RESET_ASSERT)) {
/* allow scripts to override the reset event */
target_handle_event(target, TARGET_EVENT_RESET_ASSERT);
target->state = TARGET_RESET;
return ERROR_OK;
/* Enable debug requests */
int retval;
retval = mem_ap_read_atomic_u32(swjdp, DCB_DHCSR, &cortex_m3->dcb_dhcsr);
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