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Expand target_run_flash_async_algorithm() doc comment.

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......@@ -882,12 +882,45 @@ done:
* Executes a target-specific native code algorithm in the target.
* It differs from target_run_algorithm in that the algorithm is asynchronous.
* Because of this it requires an compliant algorithm:
* see contrib/loaders/flash/stm32f1x.S for example.
* Streams data to a circular buffer on target intended for consumption by code
* running asynchronously on target.
* This is intended for applications where target-specific native code runs
* on the target, receives data from the circular buffer, does something with
* it (most likely writing it to a flash memory), and advances the circular
* buffer pointer.
* This assumes that the helper algorithm has already been loaded to the target,
* but has not been started yet. Given memory and register parameters are passed
* to the algorithm.
* The buffer is defined by (buffer_start, buffer_size) arguments and has the
* following format:
* [buffer_start + 0, buffer_start + 4):
* Write Pointer address (aka head). Written and updated by this
* routine when new data is written to the circular buffer.
* [buffer_start + 4, buffer_start + 8):
* Read Pointer address (aka tail). Updated by code running on the
* target after it consumes data.
* [buffer_start + 8, buffer_start + buffer_size):
* Circular buffer contents.
* See contrib/loaders/flash/stm32f1x.S for an example.
* @param target used to run the algorithm
* @param buffer address on the host where data to be sent is located
* @param count number of blocks to send
* @param block_size size in bytes of each block
* @param num_mem_params count of memory-based params to pass to algorithm
* @param mem_params memory-based params to pass to algorithm
* @param num_reg_params count of register-based params to pass to algorithm
* @param reg_params memory-based params to pass to algorithm
* @param buffer_start address on the target of the circular buffer structure
* @param buffer_size size of the circular buffer structure
* @param entry_point address on the target to execute to start the algorithm
* @param exit_point address at which to set a breakpoint to catch the
* end of the algorithm; can be 0 if target triggers a breakpoint itself
int target_run_flash_async_algorithm(struct target *target,
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