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From Dirk Behme - Further docu fixes

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......@@ -1459,7 +1459,7 @@ parameters'', the required parameters are:
@itemize @bullet
@item @b{-irlen NUMBER} - the length in bits of the instruction register
@item @b{-ircapture NUMBER} - the ID code capture command.
@item @b{-irmask NUMBER} - the corrisponding mask for the ir register.
@item @b{-irmask NUMBER} - the corresponding mask for the ir register.
@end itemize
An example of a FOOBAR Tap
......@@ -2399,14 +2399,12 @@ port is 5555.
@section Daemon Commands
@subsection sleep
@b{sleep} <@var{msec}>
@subsection sleep [@var{msec}]
@cindex sleep
@*Wait for n milliseconds before resuming. Useful in connection with script files
(@var{script} command and @var{target_script} configuration).
@subsection sleep
@subsection shutdown
@cindex shutdown
@*Close the OpenOCD daemon, disconnecting all clients (GDB, Telnet, Other).
......@@ -2803,7 +2801,8 @@ In general these commands control JTAG taps at a very low level. For
example if you need to control a JTAG Route Controller (ie: the
OMAP3530 on the Beagle Board has one) you might use these commands in
a script or an event procedure.
@section Commands
@cindex Commands
@itemize @bullet
@item @b{scan_chain}
@cindex scan_chain
......@@ -2837,6 +2836,44 @@ a script or an event procedure.
Display/modify variable field <@var{var}> <@var{field}> [@var{value}|@var{flip}].
@end itemize
@section Tap states
@cindex Tap states
Available tap_states are:
@itemize @bullet
@item @b{RESET}
@cindex RESET
@item @b{IDLE}
@cindex IDLE
@item @b{DRSELECT}
@cindex DRSELECT
@item @b{DRCAPTURE}
@item @b{DRSHIFT}
@cindex DRSHIFT
@item @b{DREXIT1}
@cindex DREXIT1
@item @b{DRPAUSE}
@cindex DRPAUSE
@item @b{DREXIT2}
@cindex DREXIT2
@item @b{DRUPDATE}
@cindex DRUPDATE
@item @b{IRSELECT}
@cindex IRSELECT
@item @b{IRCAPTURE}
@item @b{IRSHIFT}
@cindex IRSHIFT
@item @b{IREXIT1}
@cindex IREXIT1
@item @b{IRPAUSE}
@cindex IRPAUSE
@item @b{IREXIT2}
@cindex IREXIT2
@item @b{IRUPDATE}
@cindex IRUPDATE
@end itemize
@node TFTP
@chapter TFTP
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