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testing/*.tcl sample & test code

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......@@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ proc add_help_text {cmd cmd_help} {
lappend ocd_helptext [list $cmd $cmd_help]
proc get_help_text {} {
global ocd_helptext
return $ocd_helptext
# Production command
# FIX!!! need to figure out how to feed back relevant output
# from e.g. "flash banks" command...
if { $argc != 1 } {
puts "Usage: test_tcl.tcl <ipaddress>"
exit 1
puts $argv
# Simple tcl client to connect to openocd
global fo
set fo [socket $argv 6666]
# If a fn is unknown to Tcl, send it off to OpenOCD
proc unknown args {
global fo
puts $fo $args
flush $fo
gets $fo line
return $line
#Print help text for a command. Word wrap
#help text that is too wide inside column.
proc pc_help {args} {
global ocd_helptext
set cmd $args
foreach a [lsort $ocd_helptext] {
if {[string length $cmd]==0||[string first $cmd $a]!=-1||[string first $cmd [lindex $a 1]]!=-1} {
set w 50
set cmdname [lindex $a 0]
set h [lindex $a 1]
set n 0
while 1 {
if {$n > [string length $h]} {break}
set next_a [expr $n+$w]
if {[string length $h]>$n+$w} {
set xxxx [string range $h $n [expr $n+$w]]
for {set lastpos [expr [string length $xxxx]-1]} {$lastpos>=0&&[string compare [string range $xxxx $lastpos $lastpos] " "]!=0} {set lastpos [expr $lastpos-1]} {
#set next_a -1
if {$lastpos!=-1} {
set next_a [expr $lastpos+$n+1]
puts [format "%-25s %s" $cmdname [string range $h $n [expr $next_a-1]] ]
set cmdname ""
set n [expr $next_a]
puts "Running flash_banks"
puts [flash_banks]
puts "Running help on PC using data from OpenOCD"
global ocd_helptext
set ocd_helptext [get_help_text]
puts [pc_help]
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