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- updated texi for removed daemon_startup command

- added info to deprecated/removed commands section

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......@@ -532,12 +532,6 @@ target board
Endianess may be @option{little} or @option{big}.
On JTAG interfaces / targets where system reset and test-logic reset can't be driven
completely independent (like the LPC2000 series), or where the JTAG interface is
unavailable for some time during startup (like the STR7 series), you can't use
@option{reset_halt} or @option{reset_init}.
@item @b{target_script} <@var{target#}> <@var{event}> <@var{script_file}>
@cindex target_script
Event is one of the following:
......@@ -804,8 +798,6 @@ Single-step the target at its current code position, or at an optional address.
@cindex reset
Perform a hard-reset. The optional parameter specifies what should happen after the reset.
This optional parameter overrides the setting specified in the configuration file,
making the new behaviour the default for the @option{reset} command.
With no arguments a "reset run" is executed
@itemize @minus
......@@ -827,6 +819,7 @@ Let the target run for a certain amount of time, then request a halt.
Let the target run for a certain amount of time, then request a halt. Execute the
reset script once the target enters debug mode.
@end itemize
The runtime can be set using the @option{run_and_halt_time} command.
@end itemize
@subsection Memory access commands
......@@ -1449,6 +1442,11 @@ use @option{arm7_9 fast_memory_access} command with same args
@item @b{flash auto_erase}
@cindex flash auto_erase
use @option{flash write_image} command passing @option{erase} as the first parameter.
@item @b{daemon_startup}
@cindex daemon_startup
this config option has been removed, simply adding @option{init} and @option{reset halt} to
the end of your config script will give the same behaviour as using @option{daemon_startup reset}
and @option{target cortex_m3 little reset_halt 0}.
@end itemize
@node FAQ
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