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# Target Configuration for the Uptech 2410 board.
# This configuration hould also work on smdk2410, but I havn't tested it yet.
# Author:
source [find target/samsung_s3c2410.cfg]
$_TARGETNAME configure -event reset-init { uptech2410_init }
$_TARGETNAME configure -event gdb-attach { reset init }
proc init_pll_sdram { } {
#echo "---------- Initializing PLL and SDRAM ---------"
#watchdog timer disable
mww phys 0x53000000 0x00000000
#disable all interrupts
mww phys 0x4a000008 0xffffffff
#disable all sub-interrupts
mww phys 0x4a00001c 0x000007ff
#clear all source pending bits
mww phys 0x4a000000 0xffffffff
#clear all sub-source pending bits
mww phys 0x4a000018 0x000007ff
#clear interrupt pending bit
mww phys 0x4a000010 0xffffffff
#PLL locktime counter
mww phys 0x4c000000 0x00ffffff
#Fin=12MHz Fout=202.8MHz
#mww phys 0x4c000004 0x000a1031
mww phys 0x4c000014 0x00000003
mww phys 0x48000000 0x11111110
mww phys 0x48000004 0x00007FFC
mww phys 0x48000008 0x00007FFC
mww phys 0x4800000c 0x00000700
mww phys 0x48000010 0x00000700
mww phys 0x48000014 0x00002E50
mww phys 0x48000018 0x00002E50
mww phys 0x4800001c 0x00018005
mww phys 0x48000020 0x00018005
mww phys 0x48000024 0x008c04e9
mww phys 0x48000028 0x000000b2
mww phys 0x4800002c 0x00000030
mww phys 0x48000030 0x00000030
proc uptech2410_init { } {
#echo "---------- Probing Nand flash ----------"
nand probe 0
#echo "---------- Enable some functions ----------"
nand device $_NANDNAME s3c2410 $_TARGETNAME
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