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HACKING: add explanation why we want cool-off times as long as a week or two

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......@@ -121,4 +121,25 @@ git push review
Further reading:
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When can I expect my contribution to be committed?
The code review is intended to take as long as a week or two to allow
maintainers and contributors who work on OpenOCD only in their spare
time oportunity to perform a review and raise objections.
With Gerrit much of the urgency of getting things committed has been
removed as the work in progress is safely stored in Gerrit and
available if someone needs to build on your work before it is
submitted to the official repository.
Another factor that contributes to the desire for longer cool-off
times (the time a patch lies around without any further changes or
comments), it means that the chances of quality regression on the
master branch will be much reduced.
If a contributor pushes a patch, it is considered good form if another
contributor actually approves and submits that patch.
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