Commit ab858feb authored by Antonio Borneo's avatar Antonio Borneo Committed by Matthias Welwarsky
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gdb_server: add per target option "-gdb-port"

The argument passed to global config command "gdb_port" is usually,
but not always, a TCP port number. In case of multiple targets, this
numeric value is used as the first port of a set of consecutive TCP
ports assigned one per target.
If the argument is not a numeric value (e.g. "pipe", "disabled", ...)
then incrementing it for the next target has no sense.

Add the option "-gdb-port number" to the commands "target create" and
"$target_name configure" to override, for the specific target, the
general global configuration.

This permits to use a per target "-gdb-port disabled", when no gdb
port is required for that specific target.

It also makes possible to choose a custom TCP port number for each
target, overriding the usual sequence of consecutive port numbers.

Change-Id: I3b9a1910b28ab4bc757e839d0e5d08ffc29f7ab4
Signed-off-by: default avatarAntonio Borneo <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristopher Head <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMatthias Welwarsky <>
parent 11019a82
......@@ -2114,6 +2114,7 @@ In such cases, just specify the relevant port number as "disabled".
If you disable all access through TCP/IP, you will need to
use the command line @option{-pipe} option.
@deffn {Command} gdb_port [number]
@cindex GDB server
Normally gdb listens to a TCP/IP port, but GDB can also
......@@ -2139,11 +2140,15 @@ The GDB port for the first target will be the base port, the
second target will listen on gdb_port + 1, and so on.
When not specified during the configuration stage,
the port @var{number} defaults to 3333.
When @var{number} is not a numeric value, incrementing it to compute
the next port number does not work. In this case, specify the proper
@var{number} for each target by using the option @code{-gdb-port} of the
commands @command{target create} or @command{$target_name configure}.
@xref{gdbportoverride,,option -gdb-port}.
Note: when using "gdb_port pipe", increasing the default remote timeout in
gdb (with 'set remotetimeout') is recommended. An insufficient timeout may
cause initialization to fail with "Unknown remote qXfer reply: OK".
@end deffn
@deffn {Command} tcl_port [number]
......@@ -4458,6 +4463,13 @@ to the target. Currently, only the @code{aarch64} target makes use of this optio
where it is a mandatory configuration for the target run control.
@xref{armcrosstrigger,,ARM Cross-Trigger Interface},
for instruction on how to declare and control a CTI instance.
@item @code{-gdb-port} @var{number} -- see command @command{gdb_port} for the
possible values of the parameter @var{number}, which are not only numeric values.
Use this option to override, for this target only, the global parameter set with
command @command{gdb_port}.
@xref{gdb_port,,command gdb_port}.
@end itemize
@end deffn
......@@ -3373,6 +3373,8 @@ static int gdb_target_start(struct target *target, const char *port)
if (NULL == gdb_service)
return -ENOMEM;
LOG_DEBUG("starting gdb server for %s on %s", target_name(target), port);
gdb_service->target = target;
gdb_service->core[0] = -1;
gdb_service->core[1] = -1;
......@@ -3398,16 +3400,30 @@ static int gdb_target_start(struct target *target, const char *port)
static int gdb_target_add_one(struct target *target)
/* one gdb instance per smp list */
if ((target->smp) && (target->gdb_service))
return ERROR_OK;
if (target->gdb_port_override) {
if (strcmp(target->gdb_port_override, "disabled") == 0) {
LOG_INFO("gdb port disabled");
return ERROR_OK;
return gdb_target_start(target, target->gdb_port_override);
if (strcmp(gdb_port, "disabled") == 0) {
LOG_INFO("gdb port disabled");
return ERROR_OK;
/* one gdb instance per smp list */
if ((target->smp) && (target->gdb_service))
return ERROR_OK;
int retval = gdb_target_start(target, gdb_port_next);
if (retval == ERROR_OK) {
/* save the port number so can be queried with
* $target_name cget -gdb-port
target->gdb_port_override = strdup(gdb_port_next);
long portnumber;
/* If we can parse the port number
* then we increment the port number for the next target.
......@@ -3432,11 +3448,6 @@ static int gdb_target_add_one(struct target *target)
int gdb_target_add_all(struct target *target)
if (strcmp(gdb_port, "disabled") == 0) {
LOG_INFO("gdb server disabled");
return ERROR_OK;
if (NULL == target) {
LOG_WARNING("gdb services need one or more targets defined");
return ERROR_OK;
......@@ -1927,6 +1927,7 @@ static void target_destroy(struct target *target)
target->smp = 0;
......@@ -4537,6 +4538,7 @@ enum target_cfg_param {
static Jim_Nvp nvp_config_opts[] = {
......@@ -4552,6 +4554,7 @@ static Jim_Nvp nvp_config_opts[] = {
{ .name = "-dbgbase", .value = TCFG_DBGBASE },
{ .name = "-rtos", .value = TCFG_RTOS },
{ .name = "-defer-examine", .value = TCFG_DEFER_EXAMINE },
{ .name = "-gdb-port", .value = TCFG_GDB_PORT },
{ .name = NULL, .value = -1 }
......@@ -4839,6 +4842,20 @@ no_params:
/* loop for more */
if (goi->isconfigure) {
const char *s;
e = Jim_GetOpt_String(goi, &s, NULL);
if (e != JIM_OK)
return e;
target->gdb_port_override = strdup(s);
} else {
if (goi->argc != 0)
goto no_params;
Jim_SetResultString(goi->interp, target->gdb_port_override ? : "undefined", -1);
/* loop for more */
} /* while (goi->argc) */
......@@ -5613,6 +5630,8 @@ static int target_create(Jim_GetOptInfo *goi)
target->rtos = NULL;
target->rtos_auto_detect = false;
target->gdb_port_override = NULL;
/* Do the rest as "configure" options */
goi->isconfigure = 1;
e = target_configure(goi, target);
......@@ -5635,6 +5654,7 @@ static int target_create(Jim_GetOptInfo *goi)
if (e != JIM_OK) {
return e;
......@@ -5652,6 +5672,7 @@ static int target_create(Jim_GetOptInfo *goi)
e = (*(target->type->target_create))(target, goi->interp);
if (e != ERROR_OK) {
LOG_DEBUG("target_create failed");
......@@ -206,6 +206,8 @@ struct target {
/* file-I/O information for host to do syscall */
struct gdb_fileio_info *fileio_info;
char *gdb_port_override; /* target-specific override for gdb_port */
/* The semihosting information, extracted from the target. */
struct semihosting *semihosting;
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