Commit a5a882c5 authored by Antonio Borneo's avatar Antonio Borneo Committed by Tomas Vanek
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target/armv7a: simplify help description of command "l2x"

There is no need to split the string in two lines.

Change-Id: Ifc574904acd06c31fab589643334e86f4dd0a122
Signed-off-by: default avatarAntonio Borneo <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarTomas Vanek <>
parent c239ee02
......@@ -584,8 +584,7 @@ static const struct command_registration l2_cache_commands[] = {
.name = "l2x",
.handler = handle_cache_l2x,
.help = "configure l2x cache "
.help = "configure l2x cache",
.usage = "[base_addr] [number_of_way]",
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