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User's Guide: Flash/NAND doc tweaks

Rename the "Drivers, Options, and Commands" sections to be
just "Driver List" matching the earlier reference.  Add an
example of parallel CFI flash.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>
parent 3885ab5a
......@@ -3688,7 +3688,7 @@ The @var{num} parameter is a value shown by @command{flash banks}.
@end deffn
@anchor{Flash Driver List}
@section Flash Drivers, Options, and Commands
@section Flash Driver List
As noted above, the @command{flash bank} command requires a driver name,
and allows driver-specific options and behaviors.
Some drivers also activate driver-specific commands.
......@@ -3704,7 +3704,7 @@ specific external chip select on the CPU.
Frequently the first such chip is used to boot the system.
Your board's @code{reset-init} handler might need to
configure additional chip selects using other commands (like: @command{mww} to
configure a bus and its timings) , or
configure a bus and its timings), or
perhaps configure a GPIO pin that controls the ``write protect'' pin
on the flash chip.
The CFI driver can use a target-specific working area to significantly
......@@ -3725,6 +3725,15 @@ wide on a sixteen bit bus:
flash bank cfi 0x00000000 0x01000000 2 2 $_TARGETNAME
flash bank cfi 0x01000000 0x01000000 2 2 $_TARGETNAME
@end example
To configure one bank of 32 MBytes
built from two sixteen bit (two byte) wide parts wired in parallel
to create a thirty-two bit (four byte) bus with doubled throughput:
flash bank cfi 0x00000000 0x02000000 2 4 $_TARGETNAME
@end example
@c "cfi part_id" disabled
@end deffn
......@@ -4620,7 +4629,7 @@ with the wrong ECC data can cause them to be marked as bad.
@end deffn
@anchor{NAND Driver List}
@section NAND Drivers, Options, and Commands
@section NAND Driver List
As noted above, the @command{nand device} command allows
driver-specific options and behaviors.
Some controllers also activate controller-specific commands.
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