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Re-title Developer's Guide

The Doxygen output was previously titled "OpenOCD Reference Manual",
which was quite misleading ... the User's Guide is the reference
manual which folk should consult about how to use the software.

Just rename it to match how it's been discussed previously, and to
bring out its intended audience:  developers of this software.  As a
rule, Doxygen is only for folk who work with the code it documents.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>
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/** @mainpage OpenOCD Reference Manual
/** @mainpage OpenOCD Developer's Guide
Welcome to the OpenOCD Reference Manual -- the developer's resource for
Welcome to the OpenOCD Developer's Guide -- the developer's resource for
learning about the internal architecture of the OpenOCD project. @par
In addition, this document contains the tactical and strategic plans
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