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Document and automate signature creation for the release archives.

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......@@ -224,10 +224,11 @@ svn cp .../branches/${RELEASE_BRANCH} .../tags/${RELEASE_TAG}
-# Produce the package source archives:
-# Start with a clean working copy, used for producing releases only.
-# Switch to release tag branch: svn switch .../${RELEASE_TAG}
-# produce a ChangeLog for the release (using svn2cl).
-# Produce a ChangeLog for the release (using svn2cl).
-# @c bootstrap, @c configure, and @c make the package.
-# Run <code>make distcheck</code> to produce the distribution archives.
-# Run <code>make maintainer-clean</code> verify the repository is empty.
-# Create signature files using md5sum, sha1sum, etc.
-# Publish documentation for the release:
- Allow users to access the documentation for each of our releases.
- Place static copies of the following files on the project website:
......@@ -262,7 +262,14 @@ do_stage() {
echo "Staging package archives:"
mkdir -p archives
for EXT in tar.gz tar.bz2 zip; do
mv -v "${PACKAGE_RELEASE}.${EXT}" archives/
# create archive signatures
for HASH in md5 sha1; do
echo "sign: ${FILE}.${HASH}"
${HASH}sum "${FILE}" > "archives/${FILE}.${HASH}"
# save archive
mv -v "${FILE}" archives/
cp -a NEWS archives/
cp -a ChangeLog archives/
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