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......@@ -11,15 +11,38 @@ only Jim Tcl has been forwarded as a patch.
Tcl is also backwards syntax compatible with OpenOCD
What scripting will not do
It is not the intention that normal OpenOCD users will
use tcl scripting extensively, write lots of clever scripts,
or contribute back to OpenOCD.
The scripting support is intended for developers of OpenOCD.
Target scripts can contain new procedures that end users may
tinker to their needs without really understanding tcl.
Since end users are not expected to mess with the scripting
language, the choice of language is not terribly important
to those same end users.
Uses of scripting
Default implementation of procedures in tcl/procedures.tcl.
- Polymorphic commands for target scripts.
- produce <file> <serialnumber>. Default implementation
- there will be added some commands in Tcl that the target
scripts can replace.
- produce <productionfile> <serialnumber>. Default implementation
is to ignore serial number and write a raw binary file
to beginning of first flash.
to beginning of first flash. Target script can dictate
file format and structure of serialnumber. Tcl allows
an argument to consit of e.g. a list so the structure of
the serial number is not limited to a single string.
- reset handling. Precise control of how srst, trst &
tms is handled and when.
\ No newline at end of file
tms is handled.
- replace some parts of the current command line handler.
This is only to simplify the implementation of OpenOCD
and will have no externally visible consequences.
Tcl has an advantage in that it's syntax is backwards
compatible with the current OpenOCD syntax.
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