Commit 6f04bc15 authored by Antonio Borneo's avatar Antonio Borneo Committed by Tomas Vanek
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helper/command: log an error for commands without usage

Every command has been fixed with proper usage field.
Change LOG_DEBUG with LOG_ERROR so a developer will get a visible
alert for missing usage field when adds a new command.

Change-Id: I077c3745fd6265aded8e54b3f9d202d4d6516966
Signed-off-by: default avatarAntonio Borneo <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarTomas Vanek <>
parent 38d053d1
......@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ static struct command *command_new(struct command_context *cmd_ctx,
* arguments.
if ((cr->jim_handler == NULL) && (cr->usage == NULL)) {
LOG_DEBUG("BUG: command '%s%s%s' does not have the "
LOG_ERROR("BUG: command '%s%s%s' does not have the "
"'.usage' field filled out",
parent && parent->name ? parent->name : "",
parent && parent->name ? " " : "",
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