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ARM11 command handling fixes

 - Commands were supposed to have been "arm11 memwrite ..."
   not "memwrite ..."
 - Get rid of obfuscatory macros
 - Re-alphabetize
 - Add docs for "arm11 vcr"

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parent 4297209a
......@@ -5496,10 +5496,23 @@ If @var{value} is defined, first assigns that.
@deffn Command {arm11 step_irq_enable} [value]
Displays the value of the flag controlling whether
IRQs are enabled during single stepping;
they is disabled by default.
they are disabled by default.
If @var{value} is defined, first assigns that.
@end deffn
@deffn Command {arm11 vcr} [value]
@cindex vector_catch
Displays the value of the @emph{Vector Catch Register (VCR)},
coprocessor 14 register 7.
If @var{value} is defined, first assigns that.
Vector Catch hardware provides dedicated breakpoints
for certain hardware events.
The specific bit values are core-specific (as in fact is using
coprocessor 14 register 7 itself) but all current ARM11
cores @emph{except the ARM1176} use the same six bits.
@end deffn
@section ARMv7 Architecture
@cindex ARMv7
......@@ -1905,19 +1905,6 @@ int arm11_handle_bool_##name(struct command_context_s *cmd_ctx, char *cmd, char
return arm11_handle_bool(cmd_ctx, cmd, args, argc, &arm11_config_##name, print_name); \
#define RC_TOP(name, descr, more) \
{ \
command_t * new_cmd = register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, name, NULL, COMMAND_ANY, descr); \
command_t * top_cmd = new_cmd; \
more \
#define RC_FINAL(name, descr, handler) \
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, name, handler, COMMAND_ANY, descr);
#define RC_FINAL_BOOL(name, descr, var) \
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, name, arm11_handle_bool_##var, COMMAND_ANY, descr);
BOOL_WRAPPER(memwrite_burst, "memory write burst mode")
BOOL_WRAPPER(memwrite_error_fatal, "fatal error mode for memory writes")
BOOL_WRAPPER(memrw_no_increment, "\"no increment\" mode for memory transfers")
......@@ -2069,36 +2056,49 @@ int arm11_register_commands(struct command_context_s *cmd_ctx)
command_t * top_cmd = NULL;
RC_TOP("arm11", "arm11 specific commands",
RC_TOP("memwrite", "Control memory write transfer mode",
command_t *top_cmd, *mw_cmd;
RC_FINAL_BOOL("burst", "Enable/Disable non-standard but fast burst mode (default: enabled)",
top_cmd = register_command(cmd_ctx, NULL, "arm11",
RC_FINAL_BOOL("error_fatal", "Terminate program if transfer error was found (default: enabled)",
) /* memwrite */
RC_FINAL_BOOL("no_increment", "Don't increment address on multi-read/-write (default: disabled)",
RC_FINAL_BOOL("step_irq_enable", "Enable interrupts while stepping (default: disabled)",
RC_FINAL_BOOL("hardware_step", "hardware single stepping. By default use simulate + breakpoint. This command is only here to check if simulate + breakpoint implementation is broken.",
RC_FINAL("vcr", "Control (Interrupt) Vector Catch Register",
RC_FINAL("mrc", "Read Coprocessor register",
RC_FINAL("mcr", "Write Coprocessor register",
) /* arm11 */
/* "hardware_step" is only here to check if the default
* simulate + breakpoint implementation is broken.
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "hardware_step",
arm11_handle_bool_hardware_step, COMMAND_ANY,
"DEBUG ONLY - Hardware single stepping"
" (default: disabled)");
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "mcr",
arm11_handle_mcr, COMMAND_ANY,
"Write Coprocessor register");
mw_cmd = register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "memwrite",
register_command(cmd_ctx, mw_cmd, "burst",
arm11_handle_bool_memwrite_burst, COMMAND_ANY,
"Enable/Disable non-standard but fast burst mode"
" (default: enabled)");
register_command(cmd_ctx, mw_cmd, "error_fatal",
arm11_handle_bool_memwrite_error_fatal, COMMAND_ANY,
"Terminate program if transfer error was found"
" (default: enabled)");
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "mrc",
arm11_handle_mrc, COMMAND_ANY,
"Read Coprocessor register");
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "no_increment",
arm11_handle_bool_memrw_no_increment, COMMAND_ANY,
"Don't increment address on multi-read/-write"
" (default: disabled)");
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "step_irq_enable",
arm11_handle_bool_step_irq_enable, COMMAND_ANY,
"Enable interrupts while stepping"
" (default: disabled)");
register_command(cmd_ctx, top_cmd, "vcr",
arm11_handle_vcr, COMMAND_ANY,
"Control (Interrupt) Vector Catch Register");
return ERROR_OK;
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