Commit 65b4c411 authored by ntfreak's avatar ntfreak
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- fix typo in jtag_add_end_state

git-svn-id: svn:// b42882b7-edfa-0310-969c-e2dbd0fdcd60
parent bf58fe65
......@@ -1042,7 +1042,7 @@ int MINIDRIVER(interface_jtag_add_reset)(int req_trst, int req_srst)
void jtag_add_end_state(enum tap_state state)
cmd_queue_end_state = state;
if ((cmd_queue_end_state == TAP_SD)||(cmd_queue_end_state == TAP_SD))
if ((cmd_queue_end_state == TAP_SD)||(cmd_queue_end_state == TAP_SI))
LOG_ERROR("BUG: TAP_SD/SI can't be end state. Calling code should use a larger scan field");
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