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There is also and openocd(1) manpage, the 'openocd --help' output and
an OpenOCD info page (type 'info openocd').
5. Licensing
5. Coding Style
The following rules try to describe formatting and naming conventions that
should be followed to make the whole OpenOCD code look more consistent.
The ultimate goal of coding style should be readability, and these rules may
be ignored for a particular (small) piece of code if that makes it more
Formatting rules:
- remove any trailing white space
- use TAB characters for indentation, not spaces
- displayed TAB width is 4 characters
- make sure NOT to use DOS '\r\n' line feeds
- do not add more than 2 empty lines to source files
- do not add trailing empty lines to source files
- do not use C++ style comments (//)
- lines may be reasonably wide - there's no anachronistic 80 characters limit
Naming rules:
- identifiers use lower-case letters only
- identifiers consisting of multiple words use underline characters between
consecutive words
- macros use upper-case letters only
- structure names shall be appended with '_s'
- typedefs shall be appended with '_t'
Function calls:
- function calls have no space between the functions name and the parameter
list: my_func(param1, param2, ...)
6. Licensing
OpenOCD is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see the
file COPYING for details.
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