Commit 5b311865 authored by David Brownell's avatar David Brownell
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ADIv5: use right ID for Cortex-M3 ETM

Correct a mistake made copying the ID of the Cortex-M3 ETM module
from the TRM, so that "dap info" on a CM3 with an ETM will now
correctly describe ROM table entries for such modules.  (They are
included on LPC17xx and some other cores.)
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>
parent cb72b7a2
......@@ -1530,10 +1530,6 @@ int dap_info_command(struct command_context *cmd_ctx,
type = "TI DAPCTL";
full = "";
case 0x4e0:
type = "Cortex-M3 ETM";
full = "(Embedded Trace)";
case 0x906:
type = "Coresight CTI";
full = "(Cross Trigger)";
......@@ -1566,6 +1562,10 @@ int dap_info_command(struct command_context *cmd_ctx,
type = "Cortex-M3 TPIU";
full = "(Trace Port Interface Unit)";
case 0x924:
type = "Cortex-M3 ETM";
full = "(Embedded Trace)";
case 0xc08:
type = "Cortex-A8 Debug";
full = "(Debug Unit)";
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