Commit 522d5b84 authored by Alexandre Pereira da Silva's avatar Alexandre Pereira da Silva Committed by Øyvind Harboe
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Add support for the lpc2460 target

parent 743fada0
# NXP LPC2460 ARM7TDMI-S with 98kB SRAM (16kB for ETH, 16kB for DMA, 2kB for RTC), clocked with 4MHz internal oscillator
source [find target/lpc2xxx.cfg]
# parameters:
# - core_freq_khz - frequency of core in kHz during flashing, usually equal to connected crystal or internal oscillator, e.g. 12000
# - adapter_freq_khz - frequency of debug adapter in kHz, should be 8x slower than core_freq_khz, e.g. 1000
proc setup_lpc2460 {core_freq_khz adapter_freq_khz} {
# 64kB SRAM
# setup_lpc2xxx <chip_name> <cputapid> <flash_size> <flash_variant> <workarea_size> <core_freq_khz> <adapter_freq_khz>
setup_lpc2xxx lpc2460 0x4f1f0f0f 0 lpc2000_v2 0x10000 $core_freq_khz $adapter_freq_khz
proc init_targets {} {
# default to core clocked with 4MHz internal oscillator
echo "Warning - assuming default core clock 4MHz! Flashing may fail if actual core clock is different."
# setup_lpc2460 <core_freq_khz> <adapter_freq_khz>
setup_lpc2460 4000 500
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