Commit 5202d82a authored by Peter Lawrence's avatar Peter Lawrence Committed by Tomas Vanek
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tcl_server: fix minor typo in comment

ctrl-z usage is incorrectly commented as ctrl-d

Change-Id: I54fe1775760ee984154bbae380baa38bcaffa04e
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Lawrence <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristopher Head <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTomas Vanek <>
parent 0627e468
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ static int tcl_input(struct connection *connection)
retval = tcl_output(connection, result, reslen);
if (retval != ERROR_OK)
return retval;
/* Always output ctrl-d as end of line to allow multiline results */
/* Always output ctrl-z as end of line to allow multiline results */
tcl_output(connection, "\x1a", 1);
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