Commit 409e23e3 authored by Spencer Oliver's avatar Spencer Oliver
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armv4_5: remove core_type check in mcr/mrc cmd

core_type check is not required as the core function will be
null for cores that do not support the mcr/mrc functions.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <>
parent 57fc63f9
......@@ -840,13 +840,6 @@ static int jim_mcrmrc(Jim_Interp *interp, int argc, Jim_Obj *const *argv)
return JIM_ERR;
if (arm->core_type == ARM_MODE_THREAD)
/* armv7m not supported */
LOG_ERROR("Unsupported Command");
return ERROR_OK;
if ((argc < 6) || (argc > 7)) {
/* FIXME use the command name to verify # params... */
LOG_ERROR("%s: wrong number of arguments", __func__);
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