Commit 39cfe627 authored by David Brownell's avatar David Brownell
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ARM: ADIv5 code shrinkage, cleanup

adi_jtag_dp_scan_u32() now wraps adi_jtag_dp_scan(), removing
code duplication.  Include doxygen for the former.  Comment
some particularly relevant points.  Minor fault handling fixes
for both routines:  don't register a callback that can't run,
or return ERROR_OK after an error.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>
parent a97bb675
......@@ -158,58 +158,34 @@ static int adi_jtag_dp_scan(struct swjdp_common *swjdp,
jtag_add_dr_scan(2, fields, jtag_get_end_state());
return ERROR_OK;
return jtag_get_error();
/* Scan out and in from host ordered uint32_t variables */
* Scan DPACC or APACC out and in from host ordered uint32_t buffers.
* This is exactly like adi_jtag_dp_scan(), except that endianness
* conversions are performed (so the types of invalue and outvalue
* must be different).
static int adi_jtag_dp_scan_u32(struct swjdp_common *swjdp,
uint8_t instr, uint8_t reg_addr, uint8_t RnW,
uint32_t outvalue, uint32_t *invalue, uint8_t *ack)
struct arm_jtag *jtag_info = swjdp->jtag_info;
struct scan_field fields[2];
uint8_t out_value_buf[4];
uint8_t out_addr_buf;
arm_jtag_set_instr(jtag_info, instr, NULL);
/* Add specified number of tck clocks before accessing memory bus */
/* REVISIT these TCK cycles should be *AFTER* updating APACC, since
* they provide more time for the (MEM) AP to complete the read ...
if ((instr == JTAG_DP_APACC)
&& ((reg_addr == AP_REG_DRW)
|| ((reg_addr & 0xF0) == AP_REG_BD0))
&& (swjdp->memaccess_tck != 0))
jtag_add_runtest(swjdp->memaccess_tck, jtag_set_end_state(TAP_IDLE));
fields[0].tap = jtag_info->tap;
fields[0].num_bits = 3;
buf_set_u32(&out_addr_buf, 0, 3, ((reg_addr >> 1) & 0x6) | (RnW & 0x1));
fields[0].out_value = &out_addr_buf;
fields[0].in_value = ack;
int retval;
fields[1].tap = jtag_info->tap;
fields[1].num_bits = 32;
buf_set_u32(out_value_buf, 0, 32, outvalue);
fields[1].out_value = out_value_buf;
fields[1].in_value = NULL;
if (invalue)
fields[1].in_value = (uint8_t *)invalue;
jtag_add_dr_scan(2, fields, jtag_get_end_state());
jtag_add_callback(arm_le_to_h_u32, (jtag_callback_data_t) invalue);
} else
retval = adi_jtag_dp_scan(swjdp, instr, reg_addr, RnW,
out_value_buf, (uint8_t *)invalue, ack);
if (retval != ERROR_OK)
return retval;
jtag_add_dr_scan(2, fields, jtag_get_end_state());
if (invalue)
(jtag_callback_data_t) invalue);
return ERROR_OK;
return retval;
/* scan_inout_check adds one extra inscan for DPAP_READ commands to read variables */
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