Commit 36d60ee6 authored by Øyvind Harboe's avatar Øyvind Harboe
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cfi: leave check on whether target is running to target_write_memory()

there was a check in clearing the status register that
called exit() if the target was running. target_write_memory()
has such a check and will report the error correctly.

Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <>
parent 5bd1f0ba
......@@ -305,14 +305,6 @@ static int cfi_reset(struct flash_bank *bank)
static void cfi_intel_clear_status_register(struct flash_bank *bank)
struct target *target = bank->target;
if (target->state != TARGET_HALTED)
LOG_ERROR("BUG: attempted to clear status register while target wasn't halted");
cfi_send_command(bank, 0x50, flash_address(bank, 0, 0x0));
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