Commit 2fc82eae authored by Leonard Crestez's avatar Leonard Crestez Committed by Matthias Welwarsky
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target/imx7: Add ahb mem_ap

This allows bus access even when CPU is off.

Change-Id: I2d5c5581cd0169aecb92ac7b610810988a8dcef4
Signed-off-by: default avatarLeonard Crestez <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarMatthias Welwarsky <>
parent 84e3f63a
......@@ -37,4 +37,9 @@ set _TARGETNAME_2 $_CHIPNAME.cpu_m4
target create $_TARGETNAME_2 cortex_m -dap $_CHIPNAME.dap -ap-num 4 \
# AHB mem-ap target
target create $_CHIPNAME.ahb mem_ap -dap $_CHIPNAME.dap -ap-num 0
targets $_TARGETNAME.0
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