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daemon_startup is now retired in favour of adding "init" and "reset...

daemon_startup is now retired in favour of adding "init" and "reset halt/init/run" to the end of the config file/openocd command line.

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......@@ -274,12 +274,6 @@ Default behaviour is <@var{enable}>
Port on which to listen for incoming TCL syntax. This port is intended as
a simplified RPC connection that can be used by clients to issue commands
and get the output from the TCL engine.
@item @b{daemon_startup} <@var{mode}>
@cindex daemon_startup
@option{mode} can either @option{attach} or @option{reset}
This is equivalent to adding "init" and "reset" to the end of the config script.
It is available as a command mainly for backwards compatibility.
@end itemize
@section JTAG interface configuration
......@@ -806,7 +800,6 @@ OpenOCD will wait 5 seconds for the target to resume.
@cindex step
Single-step the target at its current code position, or at an optional address.
@item @b{reset} [@option{run}|@option{halt}|@option{init}|@option{run_and_halt}
@cindex reset
......@@ -156,6 +156,10 @@ proc script {filename} {
source [find $filename]
#proc daemon_reset {} {
# puts "Daemon reset is obsolete. Use -c init -c \"reset halt\" at end of openocd command line instead");
add_help_text script "<filename> - filename of OpenOCD script (tcl) to run"
add_help_text target_script "<target#> <event=reset/pre_reset/post_halt/pre_resume/gdb_program_config> <script_file>"
......@@ -66,21 +66,6 @@ int handle_version_command(struct command_context_s *cmd_ctx, char *cmd, char **
return ERROR_OK;
static int daemon_startup = 0;
int handle_daemon_startup_command(struct command_context_s *cmd_ctx, char *cmd, char **args, int argc)
if (argc==0)
return ERROR_OK;
if (argc > 1 )
daemon_startup = strcmp("reset", args[0])==0;
command_print(cmd_ctx, OPENOCD_VERSION);
return ERROR_OK;
void exit_handler(void)
......@@ -154,8 +139,6 @@ command_context_t *setup_command_handler(void)
register_command(cmd_ctx, NULL, "version", handle_version_command,
COMMAND_EXEC, "show OpenOCD version");
register_command(cmd_ctx, NULL, "daemon_startup", handle_daemon_startup_command, COMMAND_CONFIG,
"deprecated - use \"init\" and \"reset\" at end of startup script instead");
/* register subsystem commands */
......@@ -219,9 +202,6 @@ int openocd_main(int argc, char *argv[])
if (command_run_line(cmd_ctx, "init")!=ERROR_OK)
if (daemon_startup)
command_run_line(cmd_ctx, "reset");
/* handle network connections */
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