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Dirk Behme <>

 Add missing tap-enable and tap-disable events to documentation.

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......@@ -1744,8 +1744,8 @@ creates and invokes small procedure. The second inlines the procedure.
mychip.cpu configure -event gdb-attach @{ puts "Reset..." ; reset halt @}
@end example
Current Events
@section Current Events
The following events are available:
@itemize @bullet
@item @b{debug-halted}
@* The target has halted for debug reasons (ie: breakpoint)
......@@ -1809,6 +1809,22 @@ Current Events
@* Success
@item @b{resumed}
@* Target has resumed
@item @b{tap-enable}
@* Executed by @b{jtag tapenable DOTTED.NAME} command. Example:
jtag configure DOTTED.NAME -event tap-enable @{
puts "Enabling CPU"
@end example
@item @b{tap-disable}
@*Executed by @b{jtag tapdisable DOTTED.NAME} command. Example:
jtag configure DOTTED.NAME -event tap-disable @{
puts "Disabling CPU"
@end example
@end itemize
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