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added item to come up with slick new 32 bit jtag_add_xxx() API

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......@@ -39,11 +39,16 @@ This section list issues that need to be resolved in the JTAG layer.
@subsection thelistjtagcore JTAG Core
The following tasks have been suggeted for cleaning up the JTAG layer:
The following tasks have been suggested for cleaning up the JTAG layer:
- use tap_set_state everywhere to allow logging TAP state transitions
- rename other tap_states to use standard JTAG names (suggested by ML)
- Encapsulate cmd_queue_cur_state and related varaible handling.
- add slick 32 bit versions of jtag_add_xxx_scan() that avoids
buf_set_u32() calls and other evidence of poor impedance match between
API and calling code. New API should cut down # of lines in calling
code by 100's and make things clearer. Also potentially be supported
directly in minidriver API for better embedded host performance.
The following tasks have been suggested for adding new core JTAG support:
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