Commit 115f5380 authored by Øyvind Harboe's avatar Øyvind Harboe Committed by Spencer Oliver
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jtag: stop using sharp corner of JTAG API

this particular edge case of the JTAG API will no
longer be supported.

the in_value buffer must be provided by the caller when
the callback needs the buffer.

Change-Id: I552c72a64af6875f4aa4fa9b923194dcf3b57b64
Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarSpencer Oliver <>
parent a30a4f0f
......@@ -273,12 +273,16 @@ static int xscale_receive(struct target *target, uint32_t *buffer, int num_words
memset(&fields, 0, sizeof fields);
fields[0].num_bits = 3;
uint8_t tmp;
fields[0].in_value = &tmp;
fields[0].check_value = &field0_check_value;
fields[0].check_mask = &field0_check_mask;
fields[1].num_bits = 32;
fields[2].num_bits = 1;
uint8_t tmp2;
fields[2].in_value = &tmp2;
fields[2].check_value = &field2_check_value;
fields[2].check_mask = &field2_check_mask;
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