Commit 11193c04 authored by simon qian's avatar simon qian Committed by Øyvind Harboe
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transport: fix transport command args gaffe

the wrong index of argv. argv[0] is the command itself,
argv[1] the the transport to select.

Signed-off-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <>
parent 8eb92c7e
......@@ -312,12 +312,12 @@ static int jim_transport_select(Jim_Interp *interp, int argc, Jim_Obj *const *ar
for (unsigned i = 0; allowed_transports[i]; i++) {
if (strcmp(allowed_transports[i], argv[0]->bytes) == 0)
return transport_select(global_cmd_ctx, argv[0]->bytes);
if (strcmp(allowed_transports[i], argv[1]->bytes) == 0)
return transport_select(global_cmd_ctx, argv[1]->bytes);
LOG_ERROR("Debug adapter doesn't support '%s' "
"transport", argv[0]->bytes);
"transport", argv[1]->bytes);
return JIM_ERR;
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